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What is TEXTiUM?

TEXTiUM is a revolutionary text messaging platform that allows modern day texting, tracking and quality real-time leads to be added to any direct mail campaign.

Why Do Advertisers Need It?

TEXTiUM compels the consumer to respond to direct mail, by doing so, the consumer receives the information they desire, and the advertiser receives their mobile number. For the first time ever, an advertiser has immediate access to the consumer while they are considering the offer.

Direct Mail without TEXTiUM is STATIC. Advertisers have no ability to engage or communicate with a consumer during their moment of consideration. The advertiser is left hoping the offer printed on the piece of mail is compelling enough for a consumer to call or visit a website. Any consumer that is uninterested or unwilling to take the initiative is lost.

Direct Mail with TEXTiUM is INTERACTIVE. All interested, uninterested and curious consumers are compelled to engage advertisers direct mail. This INCREASES RESPONSE and creates a REAL-TIME LEAD. The advertiser is now able to call the consumer the moment they are considering the offer. This happens so quickly the mail is usually still in their hand.

How Does It Work?

The information or offer typically found on direct mail is replaced with TEXTiUM. When the consumer texts to receive the offer, their mobile phone number is captured. Then, instantly and simultaneously, the consumer receives a unique response and the advertiser receives a lead, including the mobile phone number.

TEXTiUM makes Direct Mail better in every way.

Consumers are able to interact with direct mail with their smartphone, using text messaging.

Advertisers receive a larger response, greater value and the ability to control when they speak with a consumer.

Marketers are able to offer modern technology on direct mail campaigns and have true empirical evidence of campaign performance.

TEXTiUM Precision Texting™ for Direct Mail